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Crushing 2023, are you ready?

Can you believe 2022 is about to come to an end? If you are feeling like I am, where has the year gone? It's crazy just how fast this year passed.

Starting a new year, typically brings those New Year Resolutions. Do you make them?

If you do, I would love for you to share yours. Some chose not to make resolutions. Why? Fear of failing is the ultimate reason why so many choose not to make those resolutions. I am not a fan of the word Resolution. Myself, I like the word, goal.

A goal is negotiable in two ways.

Let's break it down…pun intended here.

  1. First, you set the goal. What if you set it too high and you immediately feel like it is not obtainable? That's OKAY. Guess what? It's YOUR GOAL. No one else's. You can back up and re-punt. Break the goal down. If you have to make baby steps, make baby steps. No one likes to leap first. Small steps. Negotiable. It's your goal.

Do you know what else breaking goals down into smaller goals does? It tricks your brain! We are wired to think negatively, or in the safe zone. What feels safe and comfortable, our brain likes. That hard stuff, the uncomfortable stuff? Our brain is like--who is this, why are you in my space--- you are getting the boot. Insert--giving up. This is why breaking your goals down into smaller ones, makes achieving them so much more obtainable.

2. The second part that is negotiable? The timeline. What if the goal you set, you put a timeline on it? For example, I want to lose 10 lbs by Spring break. What happens when Spring Break gets here and you are not at your ideal weight? Do you stop? NO! Never stop! Change the timeline. Change the date. Don't change your goal. This is negotiable. Again, this is YOUR GOAL. YOUR TIMELINE.

So, as we are entering into a new year, I encourage you to take a look at your goals. Don't set them too large. Break them down. Trick your brain into knowing those small goals are totally achievable. When you reach the first small goal, set the next one. Then the next one. Repeat. Whatever you do, don't stop. Do not give up on yourself, nor your goals.

Life happens. Keep going. Fall off the wagon? Just as the saying goes, get back up.


I know you can do it! We can do it! I am here to cheer you on because I believe in you!

Counting down to 2023! I would love to hear your goals. Fitness has been a big part of my life since 2012 when I discovered my love for working out. It hasn't been a perfect journey, but it has been a good one. When I fall off, I have always been able to get back to it. I want to share one of my 2023 goals with you! Two of my best gal pals, my work-out & accountability partners--and I have made a goal to run/walk a 5k every single month in 2023. All 3 of us have various injuries we are nursing, but we all 3 also have big goals to meet. So we are doing it! The first 5k is scheduled for January 8th! EEEK it will be COLD and guess what--we will finish. Whether we run, walk or alter both, we will finish, and the first month of our year long goal, will be checked off the list! I am so excited to meet this goal with them, every single month! We are going to have so much fun finding our 5ks and crushing them too!

Share yours! Shout them from the rooftop and let's CRUSH them together. Fitness, financial, career, whatever the goal---I am cheering you on!

Take a look down memory lane with me as we look at some of my fitness journey.....So many great memories of friends, but most of all, FUN! Fitness doesn't have to be boring! You have the option to make it what you want it to be!

Cheers to 2023!! WE GOT THIS!




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