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Growth. "She made me do it..."




that was a phrase used on our call two weeks ago followed by laughter, but.....

Who is SHE?

Let me tell you about this group. This group is not tied to my Sonic life, not tied to my real estate life, not tied to my Zyia life....what it is tied to is my daily life.

12 weeks ago, I applied to a mastermind group, with @RaisingReuschel. I had posted about this previously on social media mentioning both, my fear and excitement. I got accepted to the 12 week mastermind group with 8 amazing ladies.

Perfect strangers. All backgrounds. All different states. Never met a day in our lives, yet, we are supposed to be able to meet up and share what's on our hearts, in our dreams, and face our fears. To say this was so fearful and anxiety triggering is an understatement. How will I fit in? But I am no one special? They are going to think I am just a country bumkin. I do not have time to sit for 2 to 3 hours and do this. This is being selfish. I have a lot on my plate. Will they like me? Will I like them?

These were just a few of the raw and real thoughts that ran through my brain. You know, we tell ourselves the worst stories. It's true. We do. We make everything worse than it is, with thoughts that never even happen. We do! We are our own worst enemies.

Yesterday was our last call for the 12 weeks. Do you know what happened? A lot. 12 weeks. A lot happened. We had a book {You are a Badass, by Jen Sincero} to read and we broke it down together over this period. With an amazing coach leading us, we all let our guard down. We shared very personal problems, victories, challenges, and dreams. We shared things in this group that even close family members or friends wouldn't know. We supported each other, we bounced ideas off of each other, and we sat in the HOT SEAT multiple times. Ahem, let me tell was hot and I squirmed while in it. But.....what happened each time we were asked the hard questions, and peeled back the onion.....was one simple word. Growth.

In 12 weeks, we all grew. I know for me personally, I allow fear to hold me back so much. Fear of what? Failing? No, I am not afraid to fail. Really, I'm not. If I fail, it means I tried. It means I learned something. It means, try again. No, my fear is greater than failing. My fear of judgement and things not being perfect is a flaw that I possess and obsess over. It's crippling my growth, and peeling back some of the layers, sure sheds light on what can come from just breaking through those barriers. It's scary to see, but it's also exciting to watch yourself grow in new ways.

Example. This blog. Fear! of judgement and it not looking or sounding perfect. No one will read it. No one will share it. It won't resonate with anyone else. I hesitate to post for fear of all those things. But in this 12 weeks, this group helped me push past the fear and 2 posts were written and published. I mean when you are given a deadline, shit hits the fan. Excuse the language. Just keeping it real. It's do or die. Just publish the damn thing! Raw & real. Just PUBLISH IT!

They helped me see past the fear. What's the worst thing that can happen? Careful how you answer, the seat gets really HOT! FAST! (Ha!)

Have you ever found yourself in this position? No matter the task, you put it off because of fear. Fear of....fill in the blank. If you have, I encourage you to start peeling back the layers and see why. What is holding you back?

I am so grateful for this Mastermind. Some of us will continue to another 12 weeks, and I simply can not wait to see what growth comes next.

If you want to apply for a mastermind like this, or others....DO IT! 100% do it! These are rural women that I am blessed to be linking arms with and I promise you, there are some Badass women in this group that are taking on the world! We are just getting started.

Growth. She made me do it., a coach and 6 other ladies. You are a badass, and don't let anyone tell you differently!

Cheers to GROWTH and finding yours! ️




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