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Imperfectly Perfect

Looking back, it was imperfectly perfect

It's funny how things happen sometimes. Trying to work on content for my business, and getting just the right light for photos, I was standing in the window and still not liking the lighting. But....looking back, what caught my attention was the view I could see in the camera of me in the mirror.

I captured that photo. I actually liked it. There is SO MUCH wrong with the photo, but yet, I liked it. Imperfectly perfect, that’s when the thoughts started flowing.

Perfectionism is one of my toughest battles. Everything has to be perfect (defined by my standards only). Everything has to be planned out accordingly, so that it is perfect and that I have time to make it that way.

I am not good at spontaneity. See previous paragraph. It has to be planned. Perfectly. Every detail has to be planned out. 2021 was a tough year for us mentally and emotionally. We faced some unknown health issues, we lost some farm land, we chose to leave our church home of almost 20 years, we pulled away and said no a lot more. The blog got put on the back burner. We let go of things that were not necessary, and I stopped working out, because I was just mentally exhausted. Some of those things were needed to get us back on track. Hind sight--Probably should not have stopped my work outs, that is my mental health outlet and does wonders for my attitude….plus, I found 10 lbs. by stopping those.. so there is that! Ha! The emotional and mental battle was not, and never is, easy. So, everyone must find what works for them and use that avenue to release. You have to. The saying you can not pour from an empty cup, is so true and it is time for this cup to get a refill!

Through the tough months, we did what we know to do. We kept our faith and trusted the Lord had a plan. We just prayed and learned to take each day, one day at a time. We went into survival mode. Have you ever been there? Just going through the day-to-day routines, just like a robot. It’s no fun, and no one likes being there. So, you have to take action. We all are responsible for our own outcomes. So, when it’s broke—fix it, right?

Personal development and my treasured community have been such a blessing in this tough year. They too have been an outlet. Don’t get me wrong. We had many great things happen this year. We had a safe and bountiful harvest, we ended up adding back more land than we lost, and for that we are truly blessed. I had an amazing year in real estate and was honored to serve so many awesome clients. I was honored to be in the top 5 agents numerous times throughout the year. My activewear business was also truly blessed. Earned another promotion, records were broken, teammates doubled, and higher standards were set for us to hit in 22. I was even truly blessed and able to travel in the midst of some of these hard months—all because of my 3rd job! SO many blessings flowed, yet the mental stress remained.

I CAN, I WILL is such a motto we live by. Life is tough, life is unfair. Keep moving. We always think—someone else would LOVE these problems. There are so many others that have things much worse. For one, I can’t get the Kentucky and Colorado families off my heart that were just affected by the tornado and fires. So devastating. Life is so imperfect, yet, it all works out because it is God’s perfect plan.

So, for 22, I am working on letting go of even more perfectionism. Learning to allow good, to be good enough. Continuing to say NO to things that are not necessary. Continue to trust in the Lord and whatever his plan is. We are so blessed and so imperfectly perfect.

Thank you for hanging out with us on this platform. I do hope to share more with you all in the coming year! For now, I am off to eat my greens, hog jowl, kraut & weiners…. Why? Because…. superstition and it’s a once-a-year meal! It’s just what southerners do! Cheers to 22!




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