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Meeting Deadlines


Meeting Deadlines.....even on Sunday's

I've said it before. I'm very protective of our Sunday's. It's the one day that we have together. A lot of couples have Romantic getaways, dinners at restaurants, or even day dates. In this life of farming, those don't happen, so you take any time you can get together.

A few Sunday's ago... was one of those days. Did I have a million things to do, you bet. But, having just a little time with him, to ourselves, outside, and the sun was actually shining.....count me in!!!

We were on a VERY tight deadline to meet our grain contract....the elevator is an hour away and in a loaded truck and trailer, it can take longer. Realistically, and NOTHING goes wrong (famous last words in this life) he can get two loads hauled a day. But that means the first load has to be loaded and ready for him to leave home super early! So that's what we did that Sunday afternoon. We got him loaded and ready to go first thing in the morning!

So, for me, it was a perfectly well spent Sunday with my Mr. Farmer ❤

~xoxo, Leann



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