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Plant '22 His & Hers

The winter days were dark, long and cold. We knew Spring was coming and with this season comes sunshine, long days, and a ticking time clock. It's like the calm before the storm. It rolls in so quickly and then it's gone.

Plant '22 is here and in full force. With this season, so much preparation has already taken place and the time to do the work is now. If you don't know what kind of preparation goes into planting, well that could be an entire post in itself, but let me give you just a brief overview. Preparation before planting means equipment maintenance (tractors, sprayers, planters, etc.) all need to be in working order and ready for the field. Seed ordered and purchased. Crop insurance in place (optional, but super vital in our opinions), fertilizer and or chemicals pre-ordered if need be. Can I just give ourselves a pat on the back a minute, well....not me, Mr. Farmer. Super smart and pre-purchased fertilizer while the prices were down. YES! Well planned! These are just a FEW of the important things that goes into preparing for the season ahead. You are never fully ready in farming, but when the weather is right, it's GO TIME! It's let's get to the field and plant! The excitement on his face says it all! It's PLANTING TIME baby! He loves it.

Seeds go in the ground and we pray. And wait. Then pray some more. We pray for rain. Pray for the crops to emerge. Pray for them to be healthy. Then, on Sundays, we scout. We go out to the fields and we check the progress. When one is popping through the dirt, just ever so gently, Mr. Farmer, for 5 years now...always smiles the biggest smile and says, "IT WORKED!" Every year! "I can't believe it worked." Pure excitement, joy and you totally see the passion he has for this life, the land, and what he was put here to do! HIS Plant '22 brings him so much joy! Now, we wait and watch progress week after week.

Now, what on earth could HER planting season be? Well duh, my flowers! I leave the big fields and science stuff to him! For me, SPRING means planting season for me too and getting my hands in the dirt is one season I can not wait for. I too show the excitement all over my face! This year, winter just seemed too long and blah. I was in need of some pretty flowers, sunshine and Vitamin D on my skin. Every year, I am ready for my planting season too, but mine happens much quicker and less expensive too! ha!

My grandmother loved flowers. She had flowers all over the place. I remember as a little girl helping her water them. She had so many. I remember her teaching me how to "pinch" some of them off so they would bloom back. I inherited that love from her. It skipped my Mom and came straight to me and I am forever grateful. It brings me so much peace and joy! And to top it off, I have one of her TINS and I plant in it every year. Everything that I plant in that tin, does well. It's a little piece of joy that I think she sends me every year telling me how she is proud of me.

Getting my hands in the dirt and just planting my little heart out brings me more peace than I can describe. It's a challenge for myself each year to choose the combinations I am putting together and getting all the colors, just perfect. Can I share a little trick I learned years ago about planting in pots? You always need 3 types of flowers in a pot. You need a THRILLER, a FILLER and a SPILLER. If you use that when you plant, your pots will bloom beautifully! Well, as long as you don't forget to water them!

I just love being outdoors, because I sit in an office all day with no windows, so my outside time, I truly cherish and I actually can TURN OFF completely when I am outside. I don't even think about having to pick up my phone. I think this PLANT 22 His & Her theme is pretty fitting because we are both doing something we love, we are tending to God's land, just in different ways. Ways that bring us joy and ways that we choose to use our talents.

Now, who is ready for a little video on planting? Come along our Sunday ride as we share a little inside scoop on how planting works. We teach you a few things on monitors and such. This is our 5th year in the row crop business and seeing growth in our machinery and acreage is such a blessing. As we continue to grow the equipment will change as our efficiency needs will change too. Growth comes in all shapes and sizes and right now, this season is where we are! So come take a little ride with us!






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