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That Heifer is 9 this week...

It was a cold, snowy winter day and the week of Valentines. As luck would have it, we had a mama cow having her baby in the midst of this weather. Big Mama had complications and didn't make it after giving life to our sweet girl. So there we were with this beautiful red baby calf. And her name was easily derived that day, Rosie. In the midst of a loss of a mama cow, we did what every farm family in America would do. We brought her baby inside with us! That was a chore in itself because naturally they want to be outside. Mr. Farmer & I brought her in the garage for the night. Bedded her down with warm towels and love. We got her on a bottle and helped her learn to eat. She was doing good and such a strong little calf.

In the coming days we got her little calf hutch and placed it in a small fence area by our house in the side yard. You know like a kennel for dogs, except she was a calf. A little bigger than a dog. So the days of bottle feeding her commenced. She was so rambunctious. She would head butt you because she didn't know she was a calf. She was becoming more spoiled by the days, weeks, months. It become so much fun, loving and spoiling her. She was my little Rosie, Rosalina, Nosey Rosie....all the nick names just came natural with her. As she grew and got bigger, we knew the day would come we would have to turn her out to pasture with the rest of the herd. We were pretty attached, okay....I was... but knew it was the best for her. Luckily, we took it in steps to make sure she was ready. She was a little smaller than normal size, but we knew she would eventually grow more. She still needed a little time before she went to pasture with the others and especially a bull. So, when the time was right, we turned her out in a small pasture beside our house so we could still keep an eye on her, and help her get ready to move to bigger pastures. Boy, that day was so fun. Watching her running and being free and having so much room.....was so heart warming. She was set free to grow and roam. She didn't know what to do at first, but figured it out so fast. She had a blast exploring the pasture.

Since she was still close to us, the name Nosie Rose really become fitting. She would run the fence when we arrived home in the evenings. She really didn't know she was a cow. More like a dog. Must have been the kennel like home. Ha! Couldn't have been the spoiling. Never. I don't know what you're talking about. In the summertime, we would have a garden. Rosie become accustom to having her tomatoes. She loved them. I mean loved them. She would greet us at the fence and demand her tomatoes. She would eat the whole thing, quickly. Then want more. So the day finally came that we set her free with the rest of the herd and bull. She did great! She did so great, she quickly forgot who her humans were, okay, fine...she forgot about me. She loves Russ still. Heifer. I may be guilty of sulking for years about this. I saved her and bottle fed her, and this is the love I get?! She still knows her name. We can still to this day call her, and she will raise her head up and come to us. Fine. She will come to Russ.....seriously. This is a touchy subject you know.

Rosie's tongue. I think she has the longest tongue ever. You don't even have to be close to her and you are going to get a lick like no body's business. I mean, I hope you didn't exfoliate today, because if she is around, she will handle that for you. When she does come up to me.....and does let me love on her (she LOVES neck rubs) she will lick whatever is in front of her. Oh Rosalina. I can't believe it has been 9 years. She has raised many babies of her own and is a great little mama. She will always stay in the pastures behind our house. She isn't going too far. We always look for Rosie when we are outside. Just like checking on our dogs or horse, we look for Rosie too. She will always have a special place in our hearts. Saving her, watching her grow, be spoiled, set free, and becoming a mama herself.....she is our Valentines baby and this week she turns 9. Happy Birthday, Rosie. Nosey Rosie, Rosalina. We sure do love you! Even if you forget which one of us loved you the most. Little heifer.....



P.S Please forgive my video skills 9 years ago. Flipping the phone back and forth. I hope it doesn't make you too dizzy, but at least you get to see Rosie set free! I never knew back then, I would be using it for a blog some day! Enjoy!


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