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The Unplanned Sunday Funday

It was 75° and the sun was shining....

......and it was going to be a day spent outdoors, no matter what! We finally had sun and warm temps, so I was going to soak in my Vitamin D! My mind was made up, and I had the day all planned out in my head. Big mistake. Life on the farm made certain we were outdoors all day, and had plenty of excitement to boot! Just not as I had planned....

On Sundays we chill. Mr. Farmer feeds a little later than regular days. It's our one day together in the mornings. I treasure it. It's OUR day. I don't have to be up and get ready to hurry off somewhere.

So we chilled. Then, it was time to start the day.

We proceeded with normal feeding chores. Next is unplanned task #1. We got a call before leaving home that our pastures that were on rest (meaning no cattle on them), someone spotted two that didn't belong there. Not our cattle either. A neighbors. So, we proceeded to get a mama and baby out of one of our pastures, who had mysteriously entered as we walked the fences twice with no holes found. ...then, off to the next farm to check on our new mama's and babies. Back on plan!

.....let the adventures begin....unplanned task we found the newest little one in the grass, I noticed as I was snapping a photo, something didn't look right on the opposite end. So we circle around baby in the farm truck, trying to avoid making mama mad or scaring baby. Mr. Farmer needed to see what I thought I was seeing. So we circle. Multiple times. Finally, he was able to get a good look. It was decided we needed to get Mama and Baby up. Baby needed a vet visit. Not life threatening, but needed a visit.

So, we decided to go back home, eat lunch and then we would try to get Mama and baby up so we can catch and load them.

Adventures. Not on plan.

After lunch, things did not go well. Mr. Farmer begins to call our cattle to come in to the lot to eat. They all were coming, except Mama and Baby. They knew something was up. So we began to round them up. Mama and baby were ALMOST to the gate where we needed them to go, and mama powers kicked in, and she bolted with baby.

So we continue to try and try again. No avail. Mr. Farmer says, we are just going to have to grab baby. If she doesn't smoke me. (Farm lingo #iykyk). So I KNOW what's coming next. It's about to get a little rodeo up in here, and we ain't talking about Los Angeles.

Mama is not happy. She knows we are after her baby. She has attempted to come after Mr. Farmer already a few times.

My nerves are kicking in because I know it's about to go down, and all hands on deck will be required. By all hands, 4. Two of his, two of mine. That's all hands on deck at this point.

So, as we pull up beside baby, Mr. Farmer sees his opportunity to get her. He grabs the calf, and the calf does what baby calves do. They yell really loud, (bawl!) and it's GAME ON and no time to play around. So, the sound goes out, and Mr. Farmer is trying to get back in the truck. I'm in the passenger seat on guard to jump to the drivers side or wherever I need to be in the HEAT of the moment. The calf is trying to get back to mama and tries to jump. Mr. Farmer's grip was strong, but so is little ones determination. Mr. Farmer manages to hold on at least to her back legs. Mama is mad. The sound of baby bawling for help continues, and mama is about to whoop someone's We are the someone's.

Mr. Farmer yells HELP ME...SO I jump over as close as I can and we are both pulling this calf into the cab of the truck with us. All for the health of this baby. We do what needs to be done.

So, we got her. We are exhausted. Little heifer is as dang cute as can be, but a strong little one. So....her hind end. on yours truly and Mr. Farmer has her head in his lap. Of course.

We take a moment to breathe. Closed the truck door. Russ looks over, and says......wait for it....."did we just ruin your clothes?! " Bahhaaaaa......I said I promise, it will all wash. Poop all over me. Not the first time. It's all good, because we got the baby! But it was a funny moment.

We High FIVE each other. We did it. Shew. We are tired. A few more breaths. Oh he baby decided to try to get up again. Nope. Got her back down. Remember, we are in the cab of the truck. Good Lord have some mercy on us. Calm this baby. So I started loving on her and she chilled right out in our laps for the ride to the barn. Mama followed, and we got them back together in a pen where we could load and get her to the vet the next morning.

'Meanwhile, we get home and I look at Mr. Farmer. Not a stitch of poop on him at all. Seriously?!?! Nope, this isn't the first time for this either. How does this happen?? ha!

The next morning the baby calf got a good report from the vet. This is farm life, and we do what is in the best interest of the animal, first and foremost! No matter what.

I wouldn't trade it for anything! I love days that we get together, especially those days on farm adventures with my Mr. Farmer. Planned or unplanned.

Our farm life adventures.......who know's what's next. That is life on a farm. be continued.......

Here are some photos from the beginning of our Sunday Funday while feeding. These of course were all taken before the adventures. Notice 94--that's "Precious Baby-Doll" as Mr. Farmer calls her. She is Russ' and Lawson's fav and always wants attention.

Hope you enjoy a little peak inside our lives!

P.S. My clothes looked good as new the next morning. All poop washed right out! No stains. #winning


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